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Healthy Equitable Environment for Care

For this section, we focus on practical resources for identifying and addressing social determinants (or influencers) of health and addressing discrimination and racism. Social determinants (or influencers) of health and discrimination and racism contribute strongly to disparities in cardiovascular health outcomes, and must be addressed to eliminate disparities.

Resource 1 focuses on tools practices can use to screen for social needs and refer patients to community resources to address these needs.

Resource 2 provides contact information for a primary care practice to get connected with a HUB within your area of the state to refer patients with health-related social needs to a HUB which assigns a community health worker to work with a client to address their needs.

Resource 3 is a TED talk by Dr. Camara Jones discussing racism definitions and ways to address racism

Resource 4 is a 21-day antiracism challenge along with practical examples for health care professionals.

Other resources important for a healthy equitable environment for care such as effective communication, cultural humility, health literacy and implicit bias can be found under Effective Communication.