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Home Blood Pressure Measurement Resources

When establishing a standard process for home BP measurement, the following resources may be useful to your teams.  Resource 1 provides information on why home BP measurement is important.  Resources 2 and 5 provide practical tips for implementing home BP measurement for providers including how to streamline ordering of home BP devices, and Resources 3 and 4 focus on instructions for patients. Resources 6 and 7 can be given to patients to reinforce accurate home BP measurement, and Resource 8 provides a list of validated BP devices.

Resource 1: Cardi-OH Home BP Monitoring – Supporting Evidence  

Resource 2: Cardi-OH Guide to Home BP Monitoring for Clinicians

Resource 3: Cardi-OH Guide to Home BP Monitoring for Patients

Resource 4: Home BP Monitoring: Practical Instructions for Patients (Cardi-OH Capsule)

Resource 5: Cardi-OH Implementing Home BP Monitoring

Resource 6: Blood Pressure (BP) Measurement Instructions AHA Graphic for Patients

Resource 7: Cardi-OH: The “5R’s” of Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement Poster for Patients

Resource 8: Blood Pressure (BP) Measurement Devices