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QIP Background

Ohio is in the top quartile of states for high cardiovascular disease (CVD) event rates (i.e. combined stroke and heart attacks). Ohio has a high adult prevalence of 2 key modifiable CVD risk factors: hypertension (35%) and smoking (21%). A third key modifiable CVD risk factor is cholesterol medication taking in those at elevated cardiovascular risk. It is estimated that 50% of people take cholesterol medications as prescribed.  Improving blood pressure (BP) control, cholesterol medication taking, and smoking cessation should strongly improve CVD events in Ohio.

We are recruiting up to 60 diverse primary care practices across the state to participate in a heart healthy quality improvement project (QIP) focused on hypertension management, cholesterol medication taking, and smoking cessation.  As part of this QIP, we are partnered with payers, public health agencies and other stakeholders with the goal of aligning efforts to improve cardiovascular health outcomes.  As we learn successful strategies around cardiovascular health improvements, we will work to disseminate findings throughout Ohio.