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Office Blood Pressure Measurement Resources

Having the right equipment

Resource 1: Blood Pressure (BP) Measurement Devices

Training your staff

An effective way to use the following resources would be to:

1. Have your team watch the video

2. Review the guide to accurate in office blood pressure measurement

3. Have a nurse manager or other experienced staff use the observation checklist with staff

4. Reinforce technique with visual cues such as posters or handouts on accurate blood pressure measurement.

While the video shows how to do manual blood pressure readings, evidence demonstrates that use of oscillometric (or automatic) machines are more efficient and accurate.  We encourage re-training refreshers at least annually.

Resource 2: How to Appropriately Measure Blood Pressure in a Practice Setting Video

Resource 3: Cardi-OH Guide to Accurate In Office BP Measurement

Resource 4: Blood Pressure Training Checklist

Resource 5: AMA Accurate BP Measurement Visual Cue

Resource 6: AHA Accurate BP Measurement Visual Cue