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Medication Management

Hypertension Resources

We encourage your team to review the treatment algorithms (Resources 1-2) and choose or modify one to use in your practice. This is also a good time to review and discuss your blood pressure treatment targets (Resources 3-5).

Resource 1: Cardi-OH Hypertension Drug Treatment Algorithm

Resource 2: Cardi-OH Hypertension Change Package Algorithm

Resource 3: Cardi-OH Blood Pressure Targets: Talking with Your Team

Resource 4: Cardi-OH Long-Acting, Low-Cost Medications to Achieve Blood Pressure Targets: Evidence for Chlorthalidone, Amlodipine, and Spironolactone

Resource 5: Cardi-OH Safety and Tolerability of Lower Blood Pressure Targets

Smoking Cessation Resources

We encourage primary care teams to review this frequently asked questions document which provides practical tips on referral and medications for smoking cessation.

Resource 1: Cardi-OH 2020 Smoking Cessation Guidelines FAQs