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Effective Supportive Relationships

Building effective supportive relationships is truly important in all areas of our lives. Leading from this perspective while building relationships with quality improvement teams and taking an interest in their world, emphasizes healthcare workforce satisfaction. Building effective supportive relationships and creating a safe space to share ideas, creates an effective platform to share ideas and build capability.

There are several components to building these relationships. Below are some selected tools and videos that can help you get started.

Creating Joy in Practice
Resource 1: Creating the Organizational Foundation for Joy in Medicine
Resource 2: Resources to Support Joy in Work

Team Huddles
Resource 3: Initiating Team Huddles video
Resource 4: Team huddle checklist
Resource 5: Utilizing Huddles to Improve Team-Based Care

Team Culture
Resource 6: Team Culture video
Resource 7: TeamSTEPPS

Creating Psychological Safety in Teams
Resource 8 : Creating Psychological Safety in Teams
Resource 9: Three Ways to Create Psychological Safety in Health Care

Addressing Burnout in Healthcare Teams
If you identify an employee who may be affected by mental, emotional and behavioral illness, substance-related and addictive disorders, or other illnesses, The Ohio Physician Health Plan serves as a confidential resource for healthcare professionals, not just physicians.
Resource 10: Stress First Aid for Health Care Professionals: Recognize and Respond Early to Stress Injuries
Resource 11: Stress First Aid: Part 1 – Recognizing Stress and Stress Reactions
Resource 12: Stress first Aid: Part 2 – Applying the Stress First Aid Model to Manage Stress